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Kids say the cutest things!

by Henry on December 24, 2010 · 0 comments

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Kids say the cutest things!

Yesterday I was reading up information on adding “Feature Articles” to my blog and my niece & nephew came up to me and said the following:

N1 = Niece
N2 = Nephew

N1+N2 together: Can we play Little Big Planet (on PS3)?
Me: Nay.. I’ve gotta read…
N1: How many more?
Me: 100 pages more!
N1: How many have you read?
Me: 500 (lol!)
N1: Wow!

So 10 minutes later I needed a break…after 2 hours of reading & researching, and testing. Booted up the PS3, insert the Little Big Planet disc and let the kids play.

40 minutes later, the circuit broke. There was a black out. Panic! Unsaved work! Hurried, saved the work! Checked File Server, still up and running, thank God for the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)!

No electricity in the neighbourhood too. What was I to do? Ah, there was the mobile phone with data!

Sat myself down on the couch, my niece came and sat next to me and…

N1: Whatcha doing?
Me: Reading
N1: Again?
Me: Yup, page 500 (lol!)
N1: Oh!
Me: You know, I completed university twice (Bachelor and a Post Graduate Diploma)
N1: I completed pre-kindy, kindy, pre-school.
Me: I completed all of that too, plus primary school, high school, and university twice (shameless promotion here!). You?
N1: Twice? I am going to finish university 20 times! BIGGER than you!
Me: Hahaha… (sure you will!)
*Little pinky promise* 20 times
Me: OK, I’ll buy you a car (when you complete university 20 times)!

Oh god… I am in a world of pain… A MONSTER TRUCK!?!? One would cost an average of $200,000! Add in annual maintenance fee, I be broke in no time. Ha! Kids say the cutest things!

OK, no electricity, nuff of reading, a stroll in the garden…

Imogene’s shot

Imogene’s shot

Imogene’s shot

Imogene’s shot. My nephew (Jayden) with the Canon 300D. Photographer in the making.

Imogene with the Canon 5D Mark II, holding it like a Pro

Jayden’s shot

Imogene’s shot

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